Cabbage Key
In 2004, Shirley took us to Cabbage Key in Florida
Group Picture at the Dock
Looks like Gilligan's Island
Polar Bear
Good Times Too: the boat that took us to the island
Cabbage Key, taken from the boat
This place has money hanging from the ceiling!
(That's normal, right?)
We add our own money....
I wonder if it's still there.
When you sit down at a table, some restaurants give you popcorn.... some give you bread.... this place gives you a sharpie and masking tape.
So how much money covers the walls and ceilings of this restaurant?
Dinner's over... time for a walk.
Dad and I climbed to the top of this water tower.
It's not easy to snap a clear picture of a helicopter speeding by.
This place is amazing.
Yup... he's real.
I could live here. :)
That bird in the middle is trying to tell me something.